Buckingham General Charities was formed in 1983 as an amalgamation of 17 individual charities within the 1896 Parish of Buckingham.  This historical parish includes the present day parishes of Buckingham, Bourton and Gawcott with Lenborough.

Buckingham General Charities incorporated in 2016 to become Buckingham Almshouses and Welfare Charity; the new name reflecting its purpose.
Buckingham Almshouses and Welfare Charity owns and maintains almshouses in Buckingham, allotments in Gawcott and some additional recreational and agricultural land.  The Charity may also provide grant relief in cases of need.
A resident of the Buckingham, Bourton and Gawcott parishes may become a beneficiary of the Charity and occupy an almshouse, subject to meeting the Charity’s criteria.  The allotments are available to rent by residents of the Gawcott with Lenborough parish.
The Charity is operated and administered by 12 Trustees and its Secretary.

The Objects of the incorporated Charity are:
1.  To relieve people resident for at least two years in Buckingham, Gawcott, Lenborough and Bourton ('the area') who are in need, by providing specially designed or adapted housing or almshouses, and items, services or facilities calculated to relieve the need of such persons.
2.  To relieve financial hardship, sickness and poor health among poor people in the area.
3.  To make grants or pay for facilities for people in need, hardship or distress resident in the area.

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Webmaster, 15/10/2018